Lastbil Scania R13 HL för 3.0

Lastbil Scania R13 HL (Herpa) för dital 3.0.

The vehicle is equipped with full digital technology incl. vehicle location and the individual functions can be controlled directly when in operation (only for the overall system). With front headlight, rear lights, brake lights and turn signals. Multi-stage driving possible. The acceleration and braking pattern, as well as the acceleration rates are set by the factory. However, they can be adjusted individually.
All devices are radio-based, 2-way transmission systems with low range, which are regulated by the European standard EN 300-220-1 (2). Published at: ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.1.1

The frequency spectrum includes the bands 868-870 MHz.

Use the process-controlled charger item 161349, to charge therechargeable batteries.

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Pris: 319.99 Euro
Artikelnummer  161310
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